BLIK And RIO Launch Joint Pilot Phase.

9 March, 18

The Munich start-up known as blik, the winner of the first RIO Start-Up Pitch Night, is now launching the first test phase for its internal logistics solution at its pilot customer, MAN Truck & Bus. The pilot project involves tracking load carriers by means of sensors in real time as they make their way between the MAN factories in Munich and Salzgitter. Planning processes can be made more transparent and simplified thanks to this data. The team at blik has been continuing to develop its digital service for logistics process optimisation with RIO as part of the accelerator programme lasting several months. The Munich start-up has been supported by RIO with specific mentoring and coaching as well as financial assistance to the tune of EUR 50,000.

“Start-ups like blik in particular play an important role in developing new technologies, innovative services and products or digital business models. As a result of the cooperation and mentoring, they benefit from our expertise, while RIO and its partners on the RIO platform, in return, profit from the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit; the aim is always to create more efficient logistics solutions for the industry,” says Martin Kaspar, Technology and Start-Up Scout at RIO. RIO CEO Markus Lipinsky adds, “An open and shared approach is a real key feature of our platform. We achieve a networked transport and logistics ecosystem thanks to the exchange of ideas and the cooperation between countless small and often very innovative companies and the heavyweights within the sector.”

About 100 load carriers, which will be making their way between the MAN factories in Munich and Salzgitter during the next few weeks, have already been equipped with sensors for test purposes for the pilot project with RIO; this will make it possible to pinpoint their position in real time. The dispatch managers in charge will also be able to view the load status of the load carriers (full or empty). As a result, blik provides valuable insight into processes in real time, helps reduce the scanning procedures and creates a basis for optimising processes within the transport and supply chain. If the pilot phase is successful, the idea is to integrate the system within the RIO platform. The entire test fleet has been provided by the SCHERM Group. The SCHERM Group is an international system service provider in the automotive industry with a focus on procurement and production logistics.

“Through our work together, it’s become clear that RIO and blik complement each other perfectly in their mindset and their vision: at blik, we create transparency in warehouses and production sites – and RIO does the same for freight routes along the complete transport and logistics chain. We’ve been working together to create an internal logistics service with plenty of value added for customers. We’re delighted that this solution is now being used and tested at MAN Truck & Bus, an experienced and competent player,” says Bastian Burger, CEO at blik GmbH.

Using a combined software and hardware solution, blik GmbH makes it possible to monitor goods and processes for Industry 4.0 in real time. This involves using active sensor technology with an operating life of several years to log and track thousands of parts at the same time. The data that is generated by this procedure is analysed and made available to the customer in real time. This technological approach enables companies to reliably track several products or load carriers concurrently. In addition to providing greater transparency, customers primarily benefit from reductions in costs and savings in time along the complete logistics chain.

RIO launched its own accelerator for logistics start-ups last year. blik was selected as the winner from more than 70 applications after a final selection round at the Start-Up Pitch Night in Munich on 13 July 2017.

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