BIFA Urges Early Parliamentary Vote On Third Heathrow Runway.

23 March, 18

The trade association that represents the UK’s freight forwarding and logistics businesses has joined the chorus of people urging Parliament to have an early vote on the recommendations of the Transport Select Committee’s report on the Airports National Policy Statement – published today (23 March 2018).

Previously, the British International Freight Association (BIFA) has identified the need for capital and infrastructure investments in the UK, and has pushed for the government to act upon these urgent requirements – especially at the UK’s largest airport.

BIFA notes that if parliament votes to approve the recommendations made in the statement, it is predicted that construction could begin in 2020, with the third runway operational before 2030.

Robert Keen, BIFA’s Director General said: “A vote in favour would effectively give planning permission for the construction of the Northwest Runway at Heathrow Airport.

“That would be long overdue good news for our 1,500 member companies who have been dismayed over the ongoing delay on such a huge issue.

“We should not forget that the government gave its backing to the development of a new runway at Heathrow in October 2016!

“The UK’s freight forwarding community, which is the engine of Britain’s international trade, believes that a parliamentary vote in favour would be massive sign that we are a confident, outward-looking trading nation, still capable of taking bold decisions that have a direct positive effect on the UK economy, its international connectivity and reputation.

“Our message to government has not changed: It really is well beyond time for action to be taken on this matter.

“A vote in favour would effectively give planning permission for the construction of the Northwest Runway at Heathrow Airport.”

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