Freight Industry Welcomes Additional Funding For Channel Border Security.

18 January, 18
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The Freight Transport Association has welcomed news that an additional £44.5 million is to be spent on strengthening security at Calais and other French ports.   Speaking shortly after the announcement, FTA’s Head of European Policy, Pauline Bastidon, said:

“FTA welcomes the intention from the UK and French Governments to reinforce border security, especially in Calais.  Our priority is our drivers’ safety.  We want them to feel safe while undertaking their daily tasks and operating across the area. Any measures that will help to reinforce their safety is therefore welcome.

“While the situation has greatly improved as a result of the ‘Jungle’ camp clearance, something FTA campaigned for very actively, there is still evidence of tangible migrant activity, not only in Calais, but also on the roads leading up to the town.  This is something that will only be solved through reinforced cooperation between the French and the UK Governments.  With Brexit looming on the horizon, this cooperation is more crucial now than ever.

“We also welcome the commitment from the French President that no new camp will be built or allowed to grow to replace the ‘Jungle’.

“Meanwhile, FTA urges members to continue to take extra care when moving goods to and from the port areas, and to be extremely vigilant on the approach roads to Calais.”

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