Brexit And Its Effects On Transports From China To The UK.

17 January, 18

The relationship and trade of goods between China and the UK have grown stronger year by year. The fact that the UK is now preparing to leave the European Union (EU) means uncertainties as to how this trend will continue to develop. In this blog article, I will provide my view of the situation and introduce how Greencarrier Freight Services UK is adapting our operation structures to handle Brexit in the best possible way.

The UK as a portal for the European market

China is building closer relationships with the UK by using the country as a main hub for further transports to other EU countries. The Port of Felixstowe, UK, is receiving a wide range of products such as shoes, textiles, toys, and certain electronics, shipped from China. Once customs are cleared at the Port of Felixstowe, the products go on for final deliveries to various cities in the EU. How Brexit will affect this supply chain is still not clear but Chinese companies will need to reconsider their strategies and make the appropriate adjustments.

Regardless, it is my view that the relationship between China and the UK will stay strong. Chinese companies are still willing to build partnerships with British companies and Brexit is a possibility for establishing closer cooperations between the two countries regarding, for example, economy and trade.

Prepared for an expected increase in freight volume from China to the UK

Greencarrier Freight Services UK is currently providing multi-purpose supply chain solutions with air, sea and rail transports from China to the UK. As Brexit is getting closer, we have made certain changes to our operations. Changes to cater for both export and import customs clearances and an additional volume from China. Based on our prediction, we believe that there will be a freight increase due to the recent consolidation between numbers of steam shipping lines to reduce the capacity and to cater for an increased sea freight. Because we are located in one of the main container ports in the UK we have the necessary facilities and equipment to handle such a volume increase. Also, it means that we are able to handle all the necessary operations under one roof.

Tight communication with exporters and importers regarding transport solutions and freight rates

Greencarrier Freight Services UK is committed to working closely with each of our importers and exporters to overcome any rate increases. Also, to ensure that our customers are updated regularly and fully aware of the options that are available to them regarding the freight rates. The trade with China is an important part of our business.Therefore, we are always looking ahead to see what is beyond the horizon, what challenges are thrown our way and how we can overcome those challenges.

Greencarrier Freight Services has been working with China for 10 years and has gained a lot of experience and contacts during this time. Greencarrier Freight Services UK and Greencarrier Freight Services’ offices in China are at the forefront in handling all the transport modes of air, sea and rail between Britain and China. We aim to continue building closer partnerships, throughout Brexit and further on, to achieve mutual benefits for both countries.

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