The Warehouse Exchange on goes from strength to strength from its launch in the summer of 2017.

21 December, 17

Currently boasting over 260 members and growing at the rate of 20% per month The Warehouse Exchange is already listing around 38 million sq ft of Warehousing available in the UK.
In a recent interview Richard Newbold of said ‘’ We are very pleased with the way the existing Returnloads members have embraced the addition of a Warehouse Exchange to our platform and encouraged to find new Warehousing companies join the Warehouse Exchange independently ‘’

The Warehouse Exchange is not only getting firm traction on the web and attracting large companies such as XPO Logistics and Culina but it is also starting to receive ‘Space Enquiries’ which is where companies who are looking for warehouse space list their enquiry on the site and then all of the members in those regions are automatically notified of those enquiries.
Luke Brown of TLT said “It’s amazing, we joined the Warehouse Exchange in November for free and got our first enquiry through later that month for warehouse space, and it didn’t cost us a penny ’’

Platforms such as the Warehouse Exchange are streamlining the way warehouse companies operate allowing them to work smarter together by utilizing space in each other’s warehouses that otherwise would have been left empty. All of the new platforms which have sprung up over the last decade have not only helped companies save cost and utilize trucks and warehouses to their fullest capacity but they have saved enormous amounts of emissions and kept the need for extra warehouses to a minimum.
Richard went on to say ‘’ With the fast approaching date for Brexit, companies in the UK need to become as competitive as possible in the next 15 months and they need to use of the equipment they have available in its entirety’’

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