Transport of fragile products from Sweden to the UK for Fagerhult.

16 November, 17

One of Europe’s leading lighting companies, Fagerhult, needed a transport solution from Sweden to the UK that was secure, fast and flexible. In addition, sustainability was and is an important aspect for them, as it is for Greencarrier Freight Services. In this blog article, I will describe the transport we created for Fagerhult to deliver their products in an efficient and reliable way.

Fagerhult – sustainable lighting products for public environments
Fagerhult develops, produces and markets lighting products and solutions for public environments worldwide. Schools, retail areas, offices, industries and hospitals are a few of the environments they target, both indoors and outdoors. The company has been in the lighting industry since 1945 and they use their vast experience to create innovative, energy-efficient and environmental-friendly lighting.

Goods that need a gentle hand and short delivery time
Fagerhult has been supplying customers in the UK with lighting for 20 years. The process of transporting their products from Sweden to the UK, and then on to various locations all over the country, has special requirements.

Firstly, the lighting products are often fragile and need to be handled very carefully. Secondly, since Fagerhult is targeting public environments with their products and solutions, their transports need to be punctual. When sales orders are delivered to clients there might be electricians and installation teams waiting at a scheduled time. Furthermore, if a luminaire breaks, in for example a hospital, it needs to be replaced quickly and sometimes at an inconvenient time of the day. Hence, short delivery time and flexibility are also important aspects. Finally, since Fagerhult has such a strong focus on sustainability it is important that the transport element contributes to the reduction in the environmental footprint and at the same time lives up to the strict delivery times.

Regular transports from Sweden directly to customers across the UK or to storage
Since 2015, Greencarrier Freight Services has been helping Fagerhult to transport their goods from their factories in Sweden to the UK and further across the country. Our solution starts by collecting goods from Fagerhult’s factories in Habo and Bollebygd, Sweden. If the trailers are not being filled by Fagerhult’s products, we collect and include additional goods from other customers. Hence, when the trailer is shipped from Gothenburg the same day, it is always sent fully loaded and safely packed to prevent any damages.

When the trailer reaches Immingham at the British east coast, we offload all the goods at Greencarrier Freight Services’ terminal. From here, we deliver some of the goods directly out to Fagerhult’s clients, some are taken to our stock warehouse where we store products such as light bulbs, cables, LED drivers and fittings. This way, when the sales team at the local Fagerhult office receives a request from a client in the UK, we can pick and parcel the items and send them from our stock warehouse the same day. We use our small vehicles to access public environments in the big cities and we can deliver the products at any time of the day or night.

This transportation, from Sweden to the UK, is carried out four times a week, every week. In addition, we also transport goods from Fagerhult’s factories in Turkey and Germany to the UK, on arrival in the UK we conduct the same procedures as for Fagerhult’s Swedish goods.

During 2017 we will expect to make 5000 deliveries in the UK market for Fagerhult and year to date we are operating at a 98% performance level in terms consignments delivered on time without damage.

Added service to collect old lighting products for recycling
As a value-added service, we are also helping Fagerhult to collect old lighting from their customer Debenhams. The British multinational retailer is installing Fagerhult’s lighting into their stores. We deliver the new lighting and collect the old, which we transport to a recycling plant.

An even, efficient and flexible supply chain for faster deliveries
The possibility for Fagerhult to send their products frequently, without needing to book full loads, is providing flexibility. And still, it is in line with their, and our, sustainable approach since the trailers are always sent fully loaded regardless. Regular deliveries in combination with the stock holding of lighting products in the UK, makes for an even and efficient supply chain and logistic flow. It ensures that Fagerhult can call-off orders quickly and provide their customers with the best service possible.

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