Gideon Hillman Consulting, execute Warehouse Design For Beiersdorf.

11 September, 17

Beiersdorf is the home of leading skin care brands NIVEA, Eucerin, Elastoplast and Atrixo, employing approximately 16,500 people in over 150 affiliates. Beiersdorf Group headquarters is based in Hamburg, and the UK affiliate

Beiersdorf undertook a rigorous consultant selection process and engaged The Specialist Logistics and Warehouse Consultants at Gideon Hillman Consulting (GH) as being the most appropriate choice in terms of their approach and obvious experience and expertise. Once GH was selected the two businesses immediately set up a joint ‘Core Project Team’ which comprised of key Beiersdorf operational and safety Managers, Ian Maughan Associate Director of GH, and Gideon Hillman, Managing Director of GH. The Specialist Consultants initially visited the Beiersdorf UK site to review the operations and quickly identified a number of layout and product flow areas which could be improved to better health and safety, and safe operating practices within the site, while delivering efficient operating practices.

Within the initial stage of the project, the GH management team conducted a full detailed review of the warehouse, including goods receipt, storage, pick/pack, despatch and any ancillary/value added work flows. This detailed review process, allowed the consultants to identify any changes required, to improve the safety of warehouse operations; whilst also providing solutions to enable Beiersdorf to increase the productivity and overall efficiency of their operations, moving forwards.

Gideon Hillman Consulting also provided the Beiersdorf team with Improvements for their WMS functionality, which enabled them to successfully recognise and implement processes, to best support facility layouts for current and future volumes, including recommendations for Standard Operating Procedures, in support of optimised layouts and workflows, based upon the agreed planning horizon; with a clear focus on health and safety, and safe working practices.

Following GH’s completion of the warehouse review project in February 2017, Beiersdorf required further assistance from the GH team, to provide solutions for implementing physical changes within their warehouse, including layout design, racking, equipment, MHE and automation, whilst also taking into consideration walkways and health and safety concerns involving segregation, separation, and safe working environments.

In conjunction with this project the Gideon Hillman team worked alongside the Beiersdorf team to action quick wins within the warehouse layout, addressing immediate operational and health & safety concerns. Enlisting the help of The GH team, enabled Beiersdorf to notably improve upon warehouse compliance. Beiersdorf will continue, with further Gideon Hillman consulting support, to implement their improved operations, to achieve continued, measurable performance concerning both health and safety, and efficiency within their warehouse processes. Gideon Hillman Consulting and the team proudly supported Beiersdorf throughout the entire project of their Warehouse Layout Design.

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