Forklift safety attachment specialist looks to establish global distributor network.

3 March, 17

UK-based SumoGlove International Ltd (Sumo) is looking to appoint distributors and agents worldwide as it seeks to drive further sales growth for its Sumo Glove brand of forklift truck attachments.

“Any established lift truck dealers or even individuals with sales experience and contacts within their local forklift user market can not fail to enjoy success with the Sumo Glove,” says Sumo’s Simon Ross.

Sumo Gloves significantly reduce the damage caused by forklift trucks to loads stored on a pallet during the pallet handling process and make a major contribution towards improving workplace safety.

The Gloves fit to the tips of a lift truck’s forks to provide a protective cover that has been proved to limit the impact of a carelessly driven lift truck’s forks against a load and, by doing so, dramatically cut a truck user’s stock damage costs

“When a lift truck’s forks pierce a load, the goods are often ruined and at facilities where chemicals or other toxic or potentially combustible products are stored, load damage can have serious health and safety implications,” says Simon Ross.

He continues: “Forklift related product damage is a concern at many sites around the world and with businesses under greater pressure than ever before to drive costs out of their intralogistics processes and improve health and safety, the market for Sumo Gloves is massive and growing all the time.”

“This product really works and literally any company that operates a forklift truck is a potential buyer. At major companies Sumo Gloves have improved health and safety performance and cut handling damage by over 98 per cent, so it is not hard to close a sale!”

Sumo Gloves are quickly and easily fitted and are compatible with all common makes and size of forklift forks.

“The Sumo sales story is compelling and a Sumo Glove user’s return on investment is virtually instantaneous, so distributors and individual sales agents stand to make a lot of money by introducing the Sumo Glove lift truck attachment to their product portfolio,” adds Simon Ross.

A comprehensive marketing campaign is planned to help Sumo distributors create awareness of the products’ unique benefits within the territories in which they operate and full after-sales support will be provided.

To find out more information about Sumo Gloves and express interest in becoming an authorised distributor, please visit:

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