Staff development crucial to Walker’s ongoing success.

16 February, 17

To ensure that staff at all levels of the business have the skills sets required to sustain the company’s rapid growth, leading online fulfillment company, Walker Logistics, has embarked on a ‘People Development Plan.’

Undertaken in partnership with Newbury College, the development programme aims to support Walker’s employees by building their confidence and competence and increasing their motivation as well as their sense of wellbeing.

A cross section of staff from different departments were invited to attend a series of confidential consultation sessions at which they were asked a range of questions on their role within the company and given the chance to highlight any areas where extra training or a change of process or protocol would help them to perform their tasks more efficiently and happily.

Based on the feedback, a bespoke schedule of workshops will be developed by Newbury College that deliver the range of skills highlighted by the research as being required by Walker’s staff.

Bob Montague, managing director of Walker Logistics, commented: “In the face of increasing customer demands, we recognise the importance of providing every member of our workforce with the knowledge, skills and confidence to carry out their role and the ‘People Development Plan’ delivered by Newbury College is part of the ongoing process to support our team in their work.

“By identifying the needs of our employees and matching those needs with the strategic aims of the company, Newbury College will design the training programmes Walker Logistics requires to maintain its growth and ensure that we continue to provide an excellent service and a tailored response to each customer’s unique needs.”


Editor’s Notes: About Walker Logistics Ltd
Walker Logistics was established in 1999 to offer a comprehensive range of bespoke services. With modern, multi-client facilities located close to Junction 14 of the M4 motorway and additional sites located in Swindon, Reading and Newbury, the company offers over 200,000 square feet of ambient temperature high quality warehousing & storage facilities.

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