BMD Transport cuts tyre bill by 25 per cent after switch to Michelin.

11 January, 17

Leicester-based bulk aggregate haulier BMD Transport has cut its monthly tyre bill by 25 per cent after switching to a Michelin policy.

The family-run company reported the savings soon after switching its entire fleet to the premium fitments, and expects to see further reductions in running costs as it takes advantage of the tyres’ multiple lives.

Declan Chokar, Director and Transport Manager at BMD Transport, says: “Although we previously had a premium tyre policy in place with another manufacturer, the return on investment since switching to Michelin puts the company’s tyres head and shoulders above the rest.

“It was Michelin’s reputation in the marketplace for offering the optimum blend of safe, reliable, fuel-efficient and long-lasting tyres that made us switch to Michelin rubber throughout our fleet.”

BMD Transport’s busy fleet works five days a week and each vehicle clocks up nearly 75,000 miles per year. The company fits Michelin X MultiWay 3D XZE all-position and XDE drive tyres to its four 32-tonne and 27 44-tonne predominantly Renault truck fleet.

The X MultiWay 3D series is the latest generation of Michelin’s regional tyre range and offers both fuel efficiency and mileage performance. The company’s X Multi T tyres – a range designed to offer improved longevity – are fitted to the company’s 39 predominantly Fruehauf bulk tipper trailers and its 33-strong curtainside trailer hire fleet. BMD Transport is further driving down its operating costs by regrooving as many tyres as possible, extending tyre life by up to 25 per cent, by taking advantage of the additional layers of base rubber built into all new Michelin truck tyres.

Later, and thanks to an above-average casing acceptance rate of 86.9 per cent, the firm gives its regrooved tyres a new lease of life by having them retreaded by Michelin into ‘Remix’ tyres.

Remix tyres offer virtually the same performance as a new Michelin tyre, but cost around 40 per cent less, further increasing the cost savings for BMD Transport.

“Not only are we getting more mileage by regrooving and retreading our tyres, this approach is also excellent value for money and helping to cut our tyre bill by 25 per cent. Once you factor in the increased longevity we’re seeing from each casing, Michelin tyres more than pay for themselves,” Chokar adds.

BMD Transport has also registered with Michelin’s online portal – Michelin MyAccount – a system designed to help commercial vehicle operators reduce their annual tyre spend through exclusive promotions and added-value services.

Established in 1982, BMD Transport delivers gravel, sand and other aggregates to construction sites from its base in Castle Donington.

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