DSV acquires exclusive distributor rights for Westlake tyres in Scandinavia.

7 December, 16
Image of DSV truck

DSV has come to an agreement with ZC Rubber Group Co. Ltd. and Pneuhage Company Group for the exclusive distributor rights to sell Westlake tyres in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

DSV has been using Westlake tyres in its operational fleet since 2012 and has been extremely satisfied with the performance of the tyres produced by one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world: ZC Rubber Group Co. Ltd. Based on that experience and in close cooperation with Pneuhage, (ZC Rubber’s official European distributor) DSV, Pneuhage and ZC Rubber have now officially signed an exclusive distributorship contract for Scandinavia, where DSV will be able to offer Westlake tyres to all contracted hauliers as well as to the commercial vehicle market.

With over 50 years of experience and modern industry technology, ZC Rubber Group Co. Ltd. has a worldwide distribution network, enabling it to provide a full range of premium tyres to clients all over the world, in every Commercial Vehicle sector.

Performance tyres for trucks and trailers
DSV will distribute a range of tyres suitable for trucks and trailers for the commercial vehicle market. These will be available subject to stock at DSV’s workshops in Horsens (DK), Uusikaupunki (FI), Gothenburg and Landskrona (SE). Special tyres will be available on request and can be delivered within 72 hours.

Flemming Steiness, Deputy Equipment Manager, comments:
“This is a great achievement in further commercialising the relationship between DSV and ZC Rubber. Based on our extensive tests and the past good experiences with Westlake tyres, we have also decided to fit our new trailers with Westlake tyres. Add to that the insertion of Ultra-Seal into the tyres, and this creates an optimum cost-effective combination for us in our operational fleet-management”.

Approved for use with Ultra-Seal
Westlake has also officially approved the use of Ultra-Seal in combination with its tyres. Ultra-Seal is a preventative tyre sealant liquid invented to protect tyres from leaks, punctures and blowouts. It seals most punctures as they happen, ensures heat reduction, extends tyre life by keeping the air pressure in the tyre, minimises tyre wear and reduces fuel consumption.

It remains effective for the complete life of the tyre without having to undergo extra maintenance. Ultra-Seal is environmentally friendly and provides the driver with an extra safety factor.

For more information, please contact:

Mr Flemming Steiness, [email protected], +32 473 33 95 19

or
www.westlaketyre.com | www.dsv.com | www.zc-rubber.com | www.pneuhage.de | www.ultra-seal.eu

photo r to l: Dirk Gleinser (Pneuhage), Flemming Steiness (DSV), Ronni Rosendal (DSV), Robin Brucke (Pneuhage), Werner Tietze (Pneuhage).

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