GoBox 1311 LRS: The largest box of its kind.

10 November, 16
goplastics pallets

Since its launch, Goplasticpallets.com has sold nearly 10,000 GoBox 1311 LRS – the largest volume pallet container in Europe.

Thanks to its unrivalled volume Goplasticpallets.com, The UK’s leading independent supplier of returnable plastic transit packaging (RPTP), has seen the GoBox 1311 grow in popularity since adding it to their comprehensive range.

Designed and manufactured in Ypres, Belgium by supply chain packaging specialist CABKA-IPS, the GoBox 1311 LRS continues to be an ever-popular choice for large bulk storage, transportation and use within closed-loop systems.

Produced on the Uniloy LPIM, the largest low pressure machine in Europe, the GoBox 1311 LRS is injection moulded at a clamping force of 1000 metric tons. This low pressure is much better suited for producing a high quality, large-scale container at an economical price.

Boasting a remarkable capacity of 1,400 litres and a maximum dynamic load of 2,000kg, the unique, solid pallet container is particularly popular with vegetable growers, recycling businesses and meat processors, to name a few.

Furthermore, as a result of its impressive size and capacity, the GoBox 1311 LRS offers ease of loading, filling a truck load with only 42 boxes, in 42 lifts (42 x 1,400 litres). Whereas a standard 670 litre box would take 78 lifts to fill the same truck, but at a much lower capacity (78 x 670 litres).

Not only is it ideal for bulk storage and handling, but uniquely, the GoBox 1311 Pallet Box is also suitable for use in automatic conveyor systems, even if they tip, twist and turn – which is unusual for a box of such size.

Today, several of our customers are using the GoBox 1311 as an integral part of their supply chain. For example, when Logoplaste were awarded a £35m contract to manufacture plastic bottles for a well-known sports drink, Goplasticpallets.com and 2,000 GoBox 1311 plastic containers with lids, were employed to make light work of storing the preforms in large volumes and transporting them around the facility.

Chris Jones, Project Manager for Logoplaste, said: “Plastic boxes were the logical choice because of their consistent size and weight, superior hygienic qualities, and they are reusable. As we handle many millions of preforms each month, the box had to…meet the volume and storage requirements.”

Measuring 1,300mm (L) x 1,150mm (W) x 1,250mm (H), the GoBox 1311 is ideal for storing large volumes of non-dense items, such as food, produce or recycling waste products. The large pallet container can be made from recycled or food grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to suit the application. Made from such a strong plastic material, the GoBox 1311 also has impact-resistant corners and reinforced cavities to prevent the box from being damaged whilst in use and its contents unspoilt.

As well as offering supreme storage capacity, the standard container’s solid walls and an unventilated construction ensure it is completely weather-resistant and can be safely stacked up to seven boxes high. The GoBox 1311 pallet container is also available with ventilated walls and in a choice of black, grey or blue.

As the sole UK partner of CABKA-IPS, the GoBox 1311 is available exclusively fromGoplasticpallets.com. To arrange a product demonstration or to request a quote, please call Goplasticpallets.com on 01323 744057. Alternatively, visit www.goplasticpallets.com for full product specifications and datasheet.


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