, the UK’s leading independent provider of plastic pallets, exclusively launches the SF 1208 M3R smart euro pallet.

20 October, 16 are excited to add another new plastic pallet to their range, the SF 1208 M3R.  Designed and manufactured by supply chain packaging specialists Smartflow, the SF 1208 M3R is an innovative 1200 x 800 Euro-size, medium duty pallet with an open deck that sits on three runners, so is perfect for use in racking.

The new addition offers supreme strength and ease of use thanks to its “mono-block” moulding process which guarantees a robust, durable and uniform pallet is produced.

With incredibly strong, rounded edges this new pallet is ideal for easy-use with hand pallet trucks, providing a smooth transition when loading and unloading. It’s solid, smooth runners also ensure there are no traps where dirt and dust can collect. Available in recycled and virgin high density Polyethylene (HDPE), the SF 1208 M3R is a supreme choice for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Weighing 11kg, the high quality HDPE material keeps the pallet light and easy to handle. With a maximum static stacking load of 4,000kg the SF 1208 M3R will bear exceptional weight. It can also be retro-fitted with additional steel reinforcements, increasing racking capacity from 500kg to 900kg, to help support future business changes.

Furthermore, this smart Euro pallet can be customised with the addition of 22mm lips, which are of particularly beneficial use within the Automotive industry for the safe distribution of parts, or use with KLTs and Euro crates.

Measuring 1200mm (L) x 800mm (W) and 150mm in height, the SF 1208 M3R sits low to the ground, mimicking the height of common wooden pallets, making it an ideal solution for businesses who want to transition from using wooden to plastic pallets. Similarly, the low height is highly compatible with automated systems. The SF 1208 M3R can be stacked up to 16 pallets high in 33 stacks to fill a standard trailer (528 pallets).

As the sole UK partner of Smartflow plastic pallets the new SF 1208 M3R is exclusively available from

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, remarks on the new SF 1208 M3R pallet: “The SF 1208 M3R is a great addition to our truly comprehensive range. Thanks to its well thought-out specifications we can see this new Euro pallet proving popular with the automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in closed loop distribution.”

The SF 1208 M3R is the latest addition to broad range of over 155 pallets in a variety of colours configurations and sizes.

To request a product demonstration, brochure or speak to our award winning sales team about a quote, please call on 01323 744057. Alternatively, visit for full product specifications and datasheets.



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