Revolutionary One Issue replaces inaccurate phone call and email reports.

13 September, 16
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One IssueTM improves issue reporting accuracy, accountability and visibility with a simple and easy to use smartphone app

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How much does an inaccurate phone or email issue report cost in time, money, anxiety and repeat visits?

This seemed to be an obvious question to Tim and Andy of One Issue. They asked many companies and found the same response – “we don’t know, it’s normally difficult to interpret the calls but as it’s always been done this way, that’s the way it is”

Today is the worldwide launch of One IssueTM, an innovative, simple, mobile first smartphone app that replaces the complexity of dealing with phone and email reports. It solves the core problem of poor issue reports leading to slow time to fix and restricted visibility of issues across your business.

Accuracy and Simplicity

Having gained experience first-hand of the inefficient use of email and word to report progress and feedback of issues when working together, Tim and Andy decided to start again and focus on what would make a difference to issue reporting.

The most important part of the equation is the people who report issues. Research has proven that when under pressure people find it hard to communicate with clarity the issues in front of them, providing inaccurate information often leading to multiple visits, poor resolution and vague communication.

To be widely implemented, the app had to be simple to use, fast and provide as much information as possible with minimal effort. One Issue provides a guided issue report on the mobile phone or tablet that is pre-populated with key information, attaches photographs and provides feedback.

“The accuracy, simplicity, accountability and visibility of One Issue is helping businesses transform their operations. It’s well liked by users and improves overall customer and colleague satisfaction.” said Tim Butler, Director, Akeman Solutions Ltd.

Accountability and Visibility

The solution allows the reporter to see progress so they will be encouraged to report more issues and the engineer or contractor feel accountable for their work. This speeds up fix rates and improves the moral of the reporting and resolving teams.

One Issue can scale and integrate with current solutions to provide accurate reports and overall visibility across departments, sites and geographies.

One Issue Pro provides SME’s with a simple, integrated, mobile first issue management solution that includes share, resolve, approve and close functions.

One IssueTM is ideally suited to the Logistics, Supply Chain and Retail sectors where it has found its pilot customers.

Pricing and Availability

The One IssueTM solution is available now from Akeman Solutions. Pricing starts from £5 per user per month plus an initial set-up fee.

About Akeman Solutions

Akeman Solutions is an experienced specialist team with over 50 years of hard won experience, helping logistics, facilities and manufacturing industries. Akeman Solutions provides simple to use, mobile first issue resolution solutions that improve business operations. For more information see


Akeman Solutions Limited Andy Hogg, Director
020 3397 9795 [email protected]

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