Narrow Aisle launch pedestrian operated Flexi.

27 September, 16

Narrow Aisle Ltd has added to its extensive range of intralogistics solutions with the launch of the Flexi AC NANO TW/FW pedestrian-operated VNA truck.

The new model is offered as a low-cost alternative to companies in the warehouse and retail logistics sectors who want to achieve the space saving and storage efficiencies associated with Narrow Aisle’s top-selling Flexi articulated truck range but for whom a pedestrian-operated Flexi is the ideal solution.

The truck is available in both two-way (TW) and four-way (FW) versions – both of which offer versatile performance.

The TW model allows multi-directional longitudinal travel while, with the FW variant, both longitudinal and transverse travel is possible – enabling pallets and lengthy loads to be handled in very narrow aisles. The Flexi AC Nano FW is ideal for handling long loads such wood, furniture, pipework and steel.

When the operator’s tiller is in the normal position the handle is parallel to the drive wheel, which enables safe and fast travel down very narrow storage aisles.

Once at the desired location the stacker can be turned through ninety degrees to face the pallet rack. The steering system allows the operator to drive the pallet and forks into the rack location before lowering the mast and load in to position.

The Flexi AC NANO’s robust fork reach system is a hydraulic pantograph fork carriage which not only ensures that the operator has an excellent view of the load but also allows both ISO and Euro-type pallets to be handled.

Outstanding stability and safe, productive handling – even when lifting long 1800kg loads to heights of up to 6 metres – is assured by the Flexi AC NANO’s straddle leg design.

The truck features integrated power steering which enables it to be manoeuvred effortlessly in narrow aisles and minimises operator fatigue over the course of a shift, while precise handling is provided by the multi-functional handle that allows travel and lift speeds to be finger tip controlled.

Like all the electric-powered trucks in the Flexi range, the Flexi AC NANO’s AC drive motor technology ensures that the truck is highly energy efficient, smooth running and quiet in operation.

John Maguire, commercial director of Narrow Aisle Ltd, commented: “The Flexi AC NANO complements other Flexi articulated forklift models perfectly and will be popular with companies who want to maximise storage capacity but whose throughput requirements do not warrant an additional full size Flexi truck or when pedestrian operation is preferred.”

The Flexi AC NANO was among the products highlighted by Narrow Aisle on its stand at the recent IMHX logistics trade fair at Birmingham’s NEC.