FTA encourages drivers and cyclists to Think! at left turns.

26 September, 16

As the Government launches its new cycle safety campaign, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is taking the opportunity to remind drivers and cyclists to be aware of the blind spot on the left side of a truck.

The Department for Transport’s latest Think! safety campaign is launched today, encouraging cyclists to hang back at junctions so they don’t get caught between a lorry and a left turn.

The campaign focuses on the fact that a large number of collisions happen when cyclists are positioned near the front left of an HGV – often a blind spot for the driver. A third of collisions occur when the driver is turning left – and research has shown that many cyclists believe this danger zone is a safe place to be.

Christopher Snelling, FTA’s Head of National and Regional Policy, said: “We need to make our busy urban roads as safe as possible for all users and it’s important that both HGV drivers and cyclists understand the risks created by sharing the limited road space and know what steps they can take to minimise them.

“This DfT campaign highlights one of the key danger zones – the blind spot at the front left of an HGV. New design innovations such as transparent cab doors all have a part to play in improving safety in the long term but increased awareness can have immediate impact. FTA encourages all HGV drivers and cyclists to visit the campaign website to find out more about this important message.”

The campaign runs until 23 October and includes a dramatic video and posters. Activity will centre on London and Manchester – the two cities in England where the highest number of cyclist deaths occur. For more information on the campaign see http://think.direct.gov.uk/cycling.html

FTA has its own ‘Shared vision’ report that outlines how the logistics industry is working to protect vulnerable road users. This can be downloaded at http://www.fta.co.uk/export/sites/fta/_galleries/downloads/cycling/fta_shared_vision.pdf



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