PHS on Cloud 8 with latest government digital services approval.

15 August, 16
PHS Data Solutions

PHS Data Solutions is delighted to announce that it has been listed as a UK Public Sector Cloud provider and will be able to supply its services to the NHS and other government departments through the G-Cloud 8 Framework Agreement from 29th July 2016.

The framework gives public sector buyers the assurance that suppliers are working to standards compliant with G-Cloud 8 and as such they are regularly audited or inspected by a range of bodies including the Cabinet Office and the National Audit Office.

Attaining this status means that PHS Data Solutions joins a favoured list of vetted suppliers who are all working according to strict codes of practice set by the Crown Commercial Services (CCS).

The digital marketplace that has been created by the government through its drive to improve efficiency via the adoption of technology is ideally suited to data management companies like PHS Data Solutions which has five services available on Cloud 8. These services encompass: a digital mailroom, medical records scanning, invoice processing and workflow, records management and confidential document destruction.

So how do buyers get their head into the cloud? The G-Cloud 8 provides access to suppliers’ applications or work flow solution running on a cloud infrastructure. Buyers can access services from various devices through interfaces such as a web browser or a program interface.

As one of the world’s largest organisations, the NHS faces a huge challenge to eliminate paper usage in hospitals, clinics, surgeries and amongst administrators. PHS Data Solutions is currently working with NHS Trusts, including the Royal Liverpool Hospital, to help them manage the change to full digitisation by 2020.

Harnessing new technology to procure key services is an excellent step in the right direction. PHS Data Solutions can digitise medical records to make the NHS more efficient and as it offers robust security too, consequently confidential patient information is safe-guarded as a matter of course.

Outsourcing patient documents and data to accredited contractors offers an additional layer of security against the loss of vital information or data breaches. It can also free up valuable ward space and reduce time spent on administration within hospitals.

PHS Data Solutions’ Managing Director, Anthony Pearlgood, said: “We are proud to be part of the G-Cloud 8 framework. We have the resources and digital expertise to safeguard against data breaches and help the NHS and other government departments meet the Government’s ‘paperless’ goal. Our job is to provide businesses and large organisations with the capabilities to handle vast amounts of data in a practical and safe way. We look forward to being a key service provider for the public sector.”

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