E-commerce Logistics takes centre stage for U-freight.

24 August, 16
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The U-Freight Group (UFL) – www.ufreight.com – will be examining the logistics, customs and fiscal issues associated with the booming global e-commerce business around the world at its forthcoming annual conference in Shanghai on September 1st and 2nd 2016.

Simon Wong, the CEO of the Hong Kong-headquartered international freight service and logistics group, says: “It will be a valuable opportunity to let all member companies within the U-Freight Group exchange the latest market information on this important area of international logistics, which is likely to drive growth for companies of our stature.”

U-Freight is especially keen to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the massive boom in the volume of goods bought via online shopping or overseas agents by consumers in China and this will be a central discussion item at the conference.

More than 100 delegates from UFL’s worldwide office and agency network, including the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, as well as all over Asia, will gather in Shanghai to review progress and plan strategy on the company’s various e-commerce logistics initiatives.

Wong continues: “According to estimates from the China E-Commerce Research Center (CECRC), the number of people carrying out overseas online shopping in China will rise from 18 million in 2014 to 35.6 million in 2018, while the value of overseas online shopping transactions will jump from Rmb150 billion to Rmb1,000 billion.

“UFL has almost 50 years of experience in the international freight market. We have been conducting a thorough study of cross-border e-commerce in China for a period of time.

“We have already been qualified by China Customs and CIQ as a licensed Cross-border E-Commerce Enterprise, as well as a Cross-border E-Commerce Logistics Service Provider.

“The regulations for e-commerce inbound into China are fairly new and few market players understand them well, but we feel that U-Freight understands them as well as any and is already able to handle the business.

“In order to to protect consumer interests, strengthen monitoring of product safety and safeguard national tax receipts, the Chinese government is implementing relevant inspection and quarantine mechanisms aimed at strengthening market regulation and standardising procedures.

“It has set up cross-border e-commerce import service pilots in several mainland cities. Meanwhile, free trade zones and qualified cities can also conduct cross-border e-commerce import business.”

“Most critically, unlike many logistics service providers, U-Freight already has a system that can connect e-commerce / e-shop platforms with China Customs / CIQ that delivers data transparency, which is a requirement of the Chinese authorities.

“Our annual conference gives us a great opportunity to share our e-commerce logistics experience with all of the attendees, deliver the message that U-Freight has the capability to meet e-commerce regulations in a completely legitimate manner, and ultimately create a win-win situation.”


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