launches specialist Twistlock box in the UK.

11 May, 16
image of pallet has launched a unique range of foldable plastic boxes designed specifically for large volume retailers, grocers and growers.

Designed and manufactured by CABKA-IPS – specialists in developing retail packaging solutions – the new folding boxes have a unique Twistlock release mechanism, which appeals to major users since they can collapse the boxes on the shop floor much more discreetly with maximum speed and causing minimal noise pollution.

Measuring 600mm (L) x 400mm (W), the new Twistlock foldable boxes are available in three different heights to suit specific load requirements, from the shortest GoFold 64118P (118mm height and storage capacity of 23.6 litres) to the mid-range GoFold 64173P (173mm height and storage capacity of 35.4 litres) and finally the tallest GoFold 64229P (229mm height and storage capacity of 46.8 litres.)

In their collapsed state the GoFold Twistlock boxes fold down to a height of just 28mm, which saves considerable space both in storage and transit and reduces the number of return journey trips required therefore reducing fuel costs and improving carbon footprint. Where a 13.6m trailer could fit 6,630 of the shallowest traditional bale arm crates, in comparison the same sized trailer could hold an impressive 10,296 GoFold Twistlock boxes, which is why they are proving very popular with some of Europe’s fastest growing budget supermarkets.

The Twistlock mechanism, which features on the handles at both shorter ends of the boxes, has been thoroughly durability tested for repeated use, and all four sides have handholes for ease of handling. The consistent dimensions and rigidity of the boxes also makes them suitable for rapid order picking, secure stacking and use in automated handling systems.

Ventilation holes in the sides and base of the boxes allow easy air flow, making them suitable for storing fresh produce and preserving their condition for longer than boxes with solid sides. Furthermore, as fresh produce can be placed directly into the GoFold Twistlock boxes without being pre-bagged or paper-wrapped, users can significantly reduce packaging waste.

For clear and easy product identification throughout the supply chain, the boxes have slide in label holders where labels can be inserted. Optional features include corporate personalisation with a logo moulded on both sides of the boxes and a variety of different colour options, in addition to the standard grey colour.

To arrange a demonstration of’s new GoFold Twistlock boxes, call 01323 744057 or visit for full product specifications.


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Photo captions:

  1. The GoFold Twistlock box range has been designed specifically for large volume retailers and grocery stores.
  2. Simply fold the box by pressing the easy to use Twistlock mechanism on both short sides inwards and fold down the long edges.
  3. The space saving benefit is clear to see when folded in a stack the GoFold Twistlock box dramatically increases vehicle fill on return transit.



Editor’s information: was established in 2001 and is a division of All Pallets Ltd. Since its inception, has fast become the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets and, through sister company, offers an extensive range of plastic containers, crates and trays. stocks in excess of 155 different pallets and pallet boxes, offering a wide choice of product features and colour options. Pallet styles include nestable pallets, hygienic pallets, pool pallets, full perimeter and non-perimeter pallets, pallets suitable for export, display pallets and two-colour pallets, a new concept the company introduced to aid pallet identification. offers a further 115 plastic containers, crates and trays and a variety of accessories, including dollies, lids and flooring. has six distinct ranges – attached lid, automotive, euro, folding, agricultural and food ranges.

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