AEB white paper: ERP or best-of-breed software in logistics and global trade?

13 April, 16

• A guide to finding the right software strategy in the supply chain
• Including quick test for self-assessment as practical orientation

Leamington Spa, 8th April 2016 – When it comes to supporting global trade and logistics operations, many companies are facing a dilemma: is it better to model processes in the ERP system or turn to best-of-breed solutions? To help companies decide which alternative is more appropriate for them, AEB, a leading provider of global trade and supply chain management software, has published a new white paper. Titled “ERP vs. best-of-breed software in global trade and logistics”, the white paper can be downloaded free of charge at

ERP systems are the backbone of nearly every business of a certain size. Over the years, their scope has greatly expanded beyond the traditional functions of finance, accounting, corporate governance, and human resources to also include supply chain management functionalities such as customs management, transport management, or warehouse management. The level of satisfaction, however, varies widely depending on where the system is being used – that is the finding of a study conducted by the Aachen-based business consulting firm Trovarit AG.

When does it make sense to use ERP software and when is best-of-breed software the right choice? The path to finding the right IT strategy in global trade and logistics can be complicated and some companies find it increasingly difficult to decide which system is best for them.

AEB’s white paper is designed to help companies find the right software strategy for their supply chain. It offers a quick self-assessment test as practical orientation and looks at the strengths and weaknesses of both ERP systems and best-of-breed solutions, focusing on the following four criteria:

• Functionality: How well does the software support company-specific processes?
• System architecture: Can the software map the intricacies of company-specific requirements?
• Expertise of provider: How much know-how does the software provider bring to the table?
• Significance of global trade and logistics: How big a role does this play on the company agenda?

Claire Umney, General Manager at AEB (International) Ltd, said: “Whether managing logistics and global trade processes in an ERP system or a best-of-breed solution ultimately depends on the importance of supply chain management within an organisation, the complexity of the logistics operations, and the desired level of flexibility and efficiency. At the end of the day it comes down to market success and whether supply chain management is a competitive or differentiating factor for the business. Our white paper looks at the strengths and weaknesses of both system alternatives to help companies make an informed decision on what’s right for them.”

AEB’s white paper “ERP vs. best-of-breed software in global trade and logistics”, including a quick self-assessment test, can be downloaded free of charge “here”.

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AEB is one of Europe’s leading providers of supply chain logistics software, consultancy, and services and has been delivering solutions to customers for over thirty five years. The company has over 5,000 customers worldwide, supported by offices in the UK, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, and the US. AEB’s core product – ASSIST4 – is the comprehensive solution suite for all logistics processes in global business. ASSIST4 offers a complete set of business services for end-to-end logistics, including international goods movements, making it possible to standardise and automate business processes in supply chain execution. ASSIST4 also creates transparency and provides a reliable basis for making the right decisions about the planning, monitoring, control, and continual optimisation of supply networks – even beyond the boundaries of the business. The ASSIST4 suite offers full functionality via a wide range of modules including Visibility & Collaboration Platform, Order Management, Warehouse Management, Transport & Freight Management, Customs Management, and Compliance & Risk Management.

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