Schmitz Cargobull Reefers prove they are there for the for the long haul with NFT Distribution.

29 March, 16
NFT Truck

National chilled food and drink logistics company NFT Distribution Operations Ltd has taken delivery of 40 new Schmitz Cargobull tri-axle refrigerated trailers. The latest delivery sees the continuance of the haulier’s ongoing programme to replace its older assets with superior Schmitz Cargobull reefers.

The new S.KO COOL deep freeze trailers are to be used for the primary distribution of fresh foodstuffs from producers to consolidation centres and RDCs throughout the UK. NFT selected the trailers after a competitive trial period, which saw Schmitz Cargobull’s product delivering the best operational savings of all the reefers tested by the haulier.

NFT Fleet Engineer Dave Seaton says:

“We started to replace our fleet with Schmitz Cargobull trailers three years ago following a 12-month trial of reefers from a number of manufacturers. It was clear at the end of the trial period that Schmitz Cargobull was the clear winner in terms of fuel efficiency, quality and total cost of ownership.”

Adding to the trailers’ efficiency is Schmitz Cargobull’s in-house designed and developed MF6 Multi-Function Floor, which not only reduces trailer weight – therefore increasing payload – but also offers better grip and a longer life expectancy. Most importantly for the food haulier, the floor provides for quicker and more efficient cleaning and exceeds the PIEK noise requirements, making it ideal for late night operations in residential areas.

Built at Schmitz Cargobull’s extensive production facility in Vreden, Germany, the new trailers have been built with FERROPLAST® panels, which utilise the technology developed by Schmitz Cargobull to offer improved insulation and body strength. In addition, unlike GRP, the panels do not absorb moisture and thus increase the tare weight of the reefer over time. This is key for NFT, which expects to get the maximum payload from its trailers – thereby reducing the number of trips and ultimately decreasing costs.

Due to the large volume of motorway miles the trailers will cover – accounting for more than 80 per cent of the trailers’ expected journeys – Schmitz Cargobull’s UK team arranged to have side skirts and roof vortex generators mounted prior to delivery, to reduce aerodynamic drag.

The new trailers also feature Schmitz Cargobull’s proprietary Rotos running gear with disc brakes and the WABCO TailGuard reverse assistance system, which reduces collision risks during reversing by detecting small, large, static and moving objects in the blind spot behind the trailer automatically stopping the trailer at a safe distance. The reefers have been finished in NFT’s distinctive red, white and blue honeycomb livery.

NFT was established more than three decades ago and specialises in chilled food and drink distribution and warehousing. NFT’s extensive client list includes major European brand and private label manufacturers and importers, regional food and drink manufacturers and leading UK and European grocery multiple retailers.


Editor’s notes:
Schmitz Cargobull (UK) is a subsidiary company of the German-owned Schmitz Cargobull Group, the biggest and leading manufacturer and supplier of semi-trailers in Europe. The Schmitz Cargobull Group has manufacturing plants in Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Russia and China, and employs over 4,900 people. In the last financial year (2014/2015), Schmitz Cargobull had a turnover of approximately €1.6 billion and produced more than 45,000 trailers.

A number of additional services complete the company profile: Cargobull Finance for leasing and lease purchasing; Schmitz Cargobull Parts & Services for vehicle servicing and spare parts; Schmitz Cargobull Service Partners for repairs and maintenance; Schmitz Cargobull Telematics for trailer telematics and Schmitz Cargobull Trailer Store for used trailers. Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated units are constructed using the company’s FERROPLAST® Thermo Technology modular steel-skinned panels to keep loads at the desired temperature.

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